I had a different type of craving this time around in my pregnancy, and thank GOD for friends like Didiyana Ehsan who scores events like this for you <3

I’ve never been to #KLFW before, but from my brownie points of attending events, I wouldn’t have guessed this event was going to be something totally different from all the one’s I’ve attended.

How is it different you may ask? First would be the diversity of audience, all from different range of background, social status and fashion style. Second would be the entire fashions scene, extremely experimental and no combo is wrong here. Even Didi wore an edgy look for this event, and I don’t blame her! With all the experimental vibe, and me being a lover of mix and match, I definitely witnessed hard core mix and match here alright. And lastly, I also loved all the line up of designers. I only went to one show, without any effort of Mix and Match (because I rushed straight from work –alasan, I know, but honest!) and witnessed Thavia, Ka Sha and Mimpikita, but even they already showcase such a different collection from each other without any elements that were similar, and I loved seeing that. Makes you turn on your creative and style switch in your brain to think how and what the pieces showcased can match with and colour to match it with.


One of my other favourite part from the whole event, is like any other Fashion Events, is defo the street style! This is people watching at a whole different level. The entrance even had a 360 stage to capture your dress from a 360 angle (like the ones at The Oscars on Channel E!, and yes, also similar to the one at the Sydney Airport for International Departures where they scan you in a 360 Scanner LOL), so yeah, you get the level of effort people actually put in to attend KLFW.

From the few hours that I was there, I spotted key Fashion must-haves at KLFW2017, which I think EVERYONE should take note, not because our life is a runway (although we may want it to be) so we have to dress like attending a Fashion Show every single day, but because it’s a whole different level of Mix and Match (which I LOVE) and turns my creative and style switch on, so let’s see if it does the same to you!

My Fave Street Style of KLFW 2017!

  1. Head gears/Hair

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2. Tops

Statement tees

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Off shoulder errthang

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Jackets and outer wear

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3. Bottoms

Statement skirts

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4. Accessories

Statement bag

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5. Shoes


6. Effortless Looks

Sporty (and/or) casual chic

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