When you’re ready to plan your trip to the U.S from Malaysia, you will definitely need to pay a visit to the U.S Embassy in Malaysia. Although the U.S may sound scary, especially to Muslims who have been watching the U.S go to war against Muslim Countries for decades, we often forget that the U.S are made of all other things too asides war and anti-Muslim sentiments. Similar to how it is untrue that Malaysians live on tree tops in a jungle, (which is obviously duh, untrue to most parts of Malaysia), that’s how I think we shouldn’t generalize other countries too.

That’s why I am here to shed some light to how un”scary” the U.S Embassy in Malaysia is. Half of the workers there are Malaysians, so they are well aware of Malaysian cultures, so jangan berat mulut nak cakap BM when you meet the guards at the gate or the staff at the Registration Counters. Everyone I have encountered there were ever so helpful and super nice 🙂 You’ll also know when to speak English, ie when you hear the staff with U.S accents.

Oh wait, before I blab on, I’ve actually compiled a short Do’s and Dont’s when you come over, because I can write to endless points, so I’m trying my best to make this concise and compact. Also, pay close attention to the Map provided below:

Do’s and Don’ts at the U.S Embassy in Malaysia

1. DON’T come on Public U.S Holidays. There’s not many, so don’t fret, but they are on dates we Malaysians aren’t familiar with, so googling U.S Holiday dates before you plan to come is a good start

2. DO come on public holidays of Malaysia as the U.S Embassy in Malaysia are OPEN on most public holidays of Malaysia, EXCEPT religious ones; Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Chinese New Year, Wesak, Thaipusam, Deepavali, Christmas as well as Malaysia’s National Independence Day.

3. DON’T come with a laptop if you are not a U.S Citizen, because they won’t even allow you to bring it in, more over store it in their facility.

4. DO come with your Appointment Sheet printed as they won’t allow you to even hold your handphone (no E-Appointment Sheets accepted) when you’re in the facility.

5. DON’T park at the open parking or illegal parkings between The Icon (see map) and the U.S Embassy.

6. DO park at Menara See Hoy Chan’s Basement 3, where it’s only RM 3 per hour compared to the open carpark or illegal park which is around RM 10 per entry.

7. DON’T take a taxi from wherever you are to the U.S Embassy, because we shall make a smarter move. Ride the LRT to Ampang Park and then take UBER from there to the U.S Embassy. It’s only 900m away. Imagine how much you save on your fare.

8. DO come with all your documents in a file because if you have not gotten your sheets organized, chances are you have a missing document *rolls eyes remembering my missing documents*

9. DON’T come with pointy/pointed shoes as some strict officers won’t allow you in the facility as it could be of a danger to the public (tried and tested, see shoe below) (PPS: Oh please ignore my cheesy Instagram caption)

10. DO clip and portray the PASS they give you at the most obviously seen parts of your body. Rule of Thumb, if someone looks at you, they should be able to straight away see the code alphabet on the PASS.

Lastly, the U.S Passport/Visa requires a different passport background, so make sure you specifically mention you want to snap a U.S Passport/Visa Photo. Download the requirements here

I hope this list helps you avoid making too many trips (one too many for me) to the U.S Embassy in Malaysia <3

Read on below if you want to know the many ways you can actually go to the U.S


If you have no reason to plan a trip to go to the U.S, well let’s make one shall we?

The U.S Embassy of Malaysia provides a lot of resources and opportunities for Malaysians to go to the U.S, whether for exchange programmes whether for work or study, volunteering and all sorts short-term tours to the U.S

High School Student

If you are currently in school (Form 5) and looking for an opportunity to go on an exchange programme in a school in the U.S, click here

High School Graduate

If you’re done with high school, and never mind if you think you’re ready to conquer the world or unsure what to pursue with in university, don’t make up your mind just yet, until you’ve experienced U.S Colleges for yourself. Learn all about this here 

Malaysian Citizen

If you are a Malaysian citizen aged above 18 and open to the idea of volunteering /internships with NGO’s (ie; making a change in someone’s life/society), then click here for a list of to-date volunteering programmes to make a difference! It’s the small deeds and doing good that makes the world a better place!

University Student

If you’re a university student interested for exchange opportunities/programmes, click here to find out openings and deadlines and don’t miss out on a one semester scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students for non-degree full-time study combined with community service, professional development, and cultural enrichment. Click here for all sorts of other opportunities facilitated or administered by the U.S Embassy in Kuala Lumpur if you think none of the above mentioned is for you.

Educator (School/University)

If you’re an educator, I’m about to spice up your teaching life by letting you know that the US Embassy does fund a short term study tour to enable educators outside of the U.S. to learn more about U.S society, culture, values, and institutions. Click here and keep an eye out on openings!

Looking for Volunteers?

If you’re looking for volunteers, then today is you lucky day. Click here to the link where you can recruit volunteers for your business or programmes!


For other visas, check it out here


Check out my FIRST video on People of Architecture series on studying Architecture in the U.S, where I interviewed my office colleague, Paula Rojas 🙂

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