Sundays. I love Sundays albeit the fact the next day is a working Monday. Indulging in my favourite things on this beautiful day.

1. Washable Nail Polish; Nails Inc from Sephora


I haven’t had the chance to paint my nails as much as I’d love to these days as I am always on the run, either running errands, running after my daughter or just on the move. Not much quiet time to sit down on days I have my period to put some nail polish lovin. The next thing I know, period’s over and I can’t wear it anymore til the next period.

If you go to the hashtag #sarahandhernailpolish on my Instagram, you’ll see how much I LOVE my nailpolish days, and see below, not only did I have the time to paint my nails, but put on flowers even!

However, with my recent discovery of this washable nailpolish, dayum you bet I’m hooked. With the wash off nailpolish however, you’ve got to be careful to not eat with your hands as it washes off easily. It’s a good temporary fix to beautiful nails and it’s kid friendly too, without the toxic chemicals normal nailpolishes are made of. What’s not to looveeee <3


2. Kylie’s Lip Kit; in Posie K from Instagram:Pop and Soap


Ughhh, I hate to admit I caved in into social media pressure. Despite all the hate and negative vibes she gets about about her lips, the colours of Kylie’s Lip Kit are really mesmerizing, tantalizing and fascinating. Ok that doesn’t rhyme any more :/ And how come all the colours I see Kylie wears looks flippin gorgeous on her? It’s like Vivy Yusof back here at home, ANYTHING she wears is FLIPPIN GORG! So, how can us mere mortals not be seduced.

Ok, back to serious business, verdict; IN LOVE. This colour I got looked effortless on ma faceee, although the price isn’t effortless, but it’s worth it. It has similar consistency to MAC Makeup’s Matte Liquid Lipsticks (which I also LOVE LOVE LOVE), and best traits they both share, easy to remove and do not leave stubborn colour stains which I tell ya, is takes helluva scrubbing to remove :/ Will update a look (more of a selfie, I’m sorry) on this colour lippies next weekend, insyaAllah!


3. Ombre Oops Duck; from FashionValet and dUck Store


Speaking of Vivy Yusof. Panjang Umur. Damn it, Ombre Oops dUck. I’ve loved anything ombre ever since the day I was born! Although my mom never dressed me up in ombre much, the moment I could shop for myself, I had endless ombre dresses and scarves. Except that back in the day, I had to shop my own ombre fabric and send to the tailors to sew the ends to make it into a scarf and shawl. Oh so much trouble. So, yeah, you bet I lined up for this Oops dUck the moment the dUckstore (view the store video HEREopened it’s doors to the public.


PROOF. I came, I lined up, I bought. That’s why some resellers sell a bit higher than if you bought it yourself. This is the first time by the way I am letting go some of the colours I bought, I need back the extra cash I splurged on these babies!


4. Watercolour iPhone Cover Case; Instagram: Syarifahnadhirah // #deealyahya_paints


My lovely watercolour artist pal (read a tiny bit about her HERE), paints then transforms her paintings into many things, phone casings are one of them! She caters to most phones on the market (sorry, not available for NOKIA 3310 users, hahaha. Funny right? No? Kbye) and best part is, it’s limited in production meaning you won’t be using the same case as everyone you know 🙂 Can you see her original art work in the photo above. She lent it to me to help me do my flatlay to sell my Oops dUck. I still have three colours to let go, buzz me if you’re still looking for an Oops dUck!


5. Bowerhaus Charms; from


Not to exaggerate, but besides Ombre (can you guess where this is going?), I’ve also loved charms since the day I was born (haha!). Seriously though. No, don’t ask how come I haven’t gotten a Pandora charm, that’ll just break my heart. But I’ll tell you before you even ask, I’m still saving up for one 🙁 The price is, as gorgeous as the charms I tell ya 🙁

Anyhoo, back to the Bowehaus bracelet charms, I got hooked when I first found out about this brand from the dUckxbower collection (see next paragraph). Besides just a darling, the price is also a darling, hence I got one for my baby girl too! The packaging is even too cute! It comes with small pouch to keep it safe from scratches too. Totes worth every penny.


6. Sofina Clutch; in Dusty Pink from FashionValet

Guys, I just can’t have enough of this bag/clutch. It’s the perfect size for my liking and I love the versatility of it being able to bring to be used as a daily addition and posh enough to chauffeur me to an event. Adorable! Oh and the scarf I’m wearing here is the intricate duckxbower collection. In love with this one too!


7. Rings and Necklace; from Lovisa


There’s only one place I shop all my dainty jewelleries, and it’s Lovisa. I first heard of it when I was studying in Adelaide, Australia. Being a student at the time, I would patiently wait for the store to have a sale, only then would I be able to afford a wholesome of blings. Go on to my Instagram and check the hashtag #sarahandherrings to see my ring collection!

8. Miniature Perfumes; Presents from daddy-o

Miniature perfumes and my family, we go a long way. My dad when he used to travel, always loved buying my mum, my sister and I perfumes. But because he was always worried we didn’t like what he picked out for us, and for the love of experimenting new scents, he would buy us each a set of miniature perfumes. Plus they’re really worth it, especially if you want to find out which you would fancy in the comfort of your own home. It is different when you try out perfume scents over the counter, it just gets overwhelming with scents most of the time, and you’ll get confused at which you liked easily. With a long history of miniature perfumes, I can say that I associate certain scents with a certain part or phase of my life. I would wear different perfumes to the market, to work and to shopping mall, just like how songs reminds us of the time we listened to it, scents do the same for me. Yes, no wonder I am a soft hearted, sentimental and helplessly romantic person 😀

Oh, and just thought I’d let you know, Victoria Secret’s perfumes are quite lovely to be honest. To compare it with it’s body mist, it’s a far cry from that actually, and even I am surprised myself. Try it out over the counter, I bet you can find something you’ll fall in love with because it’s range of scent is vast and nothing smells too similar to the other. The perfume tau, not the body mist.

I’ve shared with you my favourite things, I would love to hear your favourite perfumes and  favourite things!

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