I was going through my Facebook of previous years [which feels like a previous life I am really content with] album with my watercolour artist pal [pic below]


We were giggling at how I and other people looked like when the only Architecture office I’ve worked in, T.R. Hamzah & Yeang were actually a medium size firm [back in 2010]. That made me realize how I love looking back and reminiscing, but how I actually never have time to put in words the things I go through in this Architectural world of mine.

Throughout the 11 years I’ve known and lived Architecture, the Architecture industry, business and culture, never ceases with the stress and hear-attack dramas the studio life was when we were studying. Architecture the way we studied it is exactly the same as when we practice it, whether in the professional Architecture field or other aspects in our lives, because we are likely to bring the principle and culture of Architecture into other parts of our existence. The only difference between you and me as an Architecture being is who we choose to go through the journey with us, which actually makes a whole lot of difference. That’s also the same reason why I am going back and forth [three times and counting] at my current workplace because, no matter how far out I go, I know that this is somewhere that feels like home. My Starchitect mentor, he may not be perfect, and he may not have the nicest things to say when he is mad, but I learn a lot from his success and his mistakes, and although we are from different generations and backgrounds, I find that we share some [OK, maybe very slight] values and I do admire how he holds to the principle to “fight to the bitter end” [which also means stubborn in other words]

The funny thing about Architecture is, it isn’t talked about much and isn’t mainstreamed enough like the professions of Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. Even Nurses have their own reality programmes on the mainstream channels for goodness sakes! Not sure how they missed us out, although I know for sure Malay soap operas love to throw in an Architect once in a while to make the drama sound “professional”, although it never looks “professional” –no design deadlines to meet, no outrageous client’s requirements to cater, no budget cut but over the top design to be produced dilemma -,-”

The Architecture profession is really cool, for real guys. If we have to compare, it’s probably closer to a Lawyer’s drama, because Doctors and Nurses deal with life and death, so let’s not touch that. Besides dramas like Lawyers, Architecture individuals are taught to be fancy and artsy too [in addition to the fancy-ness we are born with, please excuse us], so we’re basically like walking art drama, if you may 😅 except that the Architecture individuals channel their art and drama differently, which makes it more dramatic now, doesn’t it. So, how is that not interesting?? Don’t get me started [which I already have a little] on how cool we really are, so we deserve more limelight and attention in the mainstream too, please thanks 🙂 Not to mention how many of us inhibit beautiful structures and buildings, but no one knows who designed it? I mean, come on, we work for the entire human population here…more credits please? 🙂

So getting, to the highlight of this post, which is urm, my recent discovery for an “Architect coat” actually. Not sure if I made that obvious from the beginning :B  it’s funny how it got so many interpretations at the office. My Starchitect mentor [pic below]

Yes, I choose to refer him as a mentor because I learn so much under him.

Apparently my “Architect coat” caught his attention in our meeting, and he was just throwing in words that was way out of my vocab, words that he was inspired by when he saw my “Architect coat”. He then asked two other people in the meeting what they thought about my “Architect coat”.

My General Manager [pic below: the one holding the guitar], who is like an Architectural parent at the office because he asks questions like a parent would, only Architectural-wise, said it’s a “fashionable piece”


My Senior Architect [pic below]


Who is a Malaysian American, whom I look up to as my sarcasm+nice guru [it’s really a skill guys, to make sarcasm sound nice instead of just making it sound offensive], said simply “looks good” 🙈 [sarcasticly nice maybe? haha]

Although us Architects and Designers study and go through almost the same things in design school, and although we can spot our tribes from a mile away, I just find it’s an interestingly different story when us architecture individuals put in words our or express our art perspectives. As the old saying goes, “It takes all sorts to make a world”, and Architects and Designers alone, are made up of so many types and characteristics too, it is so intriguingly interesting. So if you meet any Architect/Designer, let’s talk more about other things other than yourself, because as interesting as you are, Architect/Designer are most likely more than interesting, and we are far more than what you see, it’s just that we don’t know how express our exciting self because like the Power Puff Girls who are made of Sugar, Spice and everything nice; us Designers/Architects are made up of excitements and all things fun [in our respective manners] 💁🏻

So, back to the “Architect coat”, I LOVE how I have an “Architect coat” now. If Doctors and Scientists have their “lab coat”, then this would be an Architect’s studio coat. Except that shall fulfill the criteria below:

  1. We won’t call it “studio coat” because “studio” only sounds serious and fun at the same time when Designers/Architects say it, not when others throw around the word
  2. The material would be anything but basic [this one is tweed yaww]
  3. The pattern/colour would be timeless and of classic selection
  4. The name would sound nothing along the lines of coat/clothing. For this one, it would prolly be Architweed or Architectweed. Architect+Weed? Oh why not. The more controversial and the more it sparks interest, the better 😛


Now, not sure how this post got so long [perhaps it evolved on it’s own], but I can never find the time to put into words the experience I go through, hence once I put them in writing, there, poured it out.

So, my Architweed test run at the office, for your viewing pleasure, which was also my Guilty Pleasure 🙈




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