One of the topics on Make Up Basics I am always so confused about. Because there are too many different types of powders which offers different things! Even worse, when they claim to solve and offer the same things to your skin, so how DO you choose?

Before we get distracted with the million of different types on the market, we should understand the root and origin as well as purpose of the basic powders 🙂

Loose vs. Pressed vs. Compact Powders

Loose Powder

The most basic form of powder (think talcum and baby powders). Comes in the form of a jar. Used to combat oilyness hence, henced traditionally used to blot the T-Zone, or mentioned as “powder the nose”.

Pressed Powder

Basically Loose Powder in a pressed form. It comes in cases that looks like the typical “Compact Powder”, but it’s actually made of Loose Powder that is pressed in the case for easier transportation (fits in handbag) and quick uses as well as touch ups compared to the one that comes in a jar.

Compact Powder

Actually it’s a mix of foundation and powder. Basically a form of foundation that comes is the case/compact form instead of the liquid filled bottles. Also for the case of easier transportation (fits in handbag) and for quick and instant touch ups. Can be used dry as it is, or can be changed into the original state (liquid) by applying it with a wet sponge. Applying with wet sponge allows more coverage on the skin too. Compact Powders are the ones that will come with SPF coverage too, like it’s bottled filled one.


Aresha’s Powder Picks:

1.Loose Powder : Laura Mercier
Comes in colours, but ensure you get the “translucent” one because that can be used for ALL skin tones and types

  1. Compact Powder : IN2IT Shine Control Two-Way Foundation

You can use this even though it’s only for your T-Zone because the end goal powder is to combat shininess, hence, whether it’s on your face or nose, this one can do the job too, especially if you’re concerned about SPF, as other forms (mentioned above) usually has no SPF incorporated.


IMPORTANT READ:BAKE YO’ FACE, is actually the trend of 2015, and is not currently in trend. Basically it’s so last year. However, should you be curious of what this is and the technique, according to Wikipedia, it’s as below:

Baking (verb), also known as ‘cooking’ is a make-up technique originally used in Drag, now popularised by RuPaul’s Drag Race, celebrities and make-up artists. This technique includes applying a heavy amount of translucent powder under the eyes and on the high points of the face to set the base make-up.

This technique can be used on a variety of different skin types and shades.[1] To highlight the under eye area and high points of the face such as the cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, thechin and the forehead. The effects of the powder are to soak up facial oils and to help the foundation melt into the skin. This prevents creasing in the baked areas while maximising coverage and longevity of the make-up to leave the face looking matte.

Read more about it here


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