My FAVOURITE topic, and the one I can mostly relate to because concealers are probably the only thing I wear too much of. Aresha mentions it as one of the tools that can be used in many ways:

  1. to conceal dark eyes circles
  2. to conceal dark spots and pimples
  3. to highlight face for dewy look and
  4. to prep the base of lips for lipstick


Tonnes of ways to use it according to your liking, just that you need to know the basics. Jeng Jeng Jeng, and they are:

  1. Two colours of concealer; yellow and orange
  2. Know what you want to conceal, combat and achieve

Orange is for correcting and it is actually to be used as the base before you put on the concealer that’s closer to your skin colour. You’d want to use the orange as the base for ALL of your concealer concerns like the dark circles, dark spots and red pimples. It’s important because if you don’t do so, you’ll cause a gray cast (shadow/panda eyes if under eye) and it won’t do much to hide your red pimple, in fact it’ll cause it to surface more and you’re doing a “good job” on “highlighting” it even more now, and that ain’t pretty.

Aresha’s Concealer Picks:

  1. MAC Studio Concealer and Corrector

Comes with both colours, orange and your skin tone colour of choice. Two in one and so convenient the dual end stick!

  1. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Super blendable and in the case of a minor dark circles and faint dark spots, you won’t need the orange base with this.

However should you still want an orange base, you can purchase it separately in a small pot 🙂

  1. NAKED Concealer by Urban Decay

Comes in numerous shades and undertones, and pigmented too, but leaves you with a natural look no matter how much you layer it on

  1. Drugstore Concelaer

They mostly hold the same traits, and because the price is “affordable” hence, you bet the performance isn’t the same as the other three products we mentioned, or even the ones priced higher than the top three. However, they are a quick and instant pick, especially if you aren’t much of a Make Up person.

Drugstore concealer traits: Not as pigmented, less variety of shades and undertones available and they don’t last very long on the face and in the tube either, mostly because you’ll tend to dab them on more to achieve more coverage due to the less pigmented formula, and to make them “affordable” they are smaller in size too.

We’re not saying the Drugstore concealer is not worth buying, but we’re saying it depends on what you’re trying to conceal and combat, as well as how often you want to use it. We’ve laid you all the basics and information here, hope you get to decide wisely!

IMPORTANT: You need to swatch the colour of the concealer on you jaw to ensure you’re not getting a shade too light or too dark for your skin. However, if you intend to use concealers to highlight parts of your face, two shades lighter than your skin is superb. If you have more doubts and concerns, let us know and we’ll try to help you out!




  1. Nawal says:

    Hi! I’m no makeup guru myself so correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t green correcter supposed to be used to cover redness and pimples? Btw, I’ve never tried any high end concealer but since pimples are now a current thing on my face (what am I, 15? Lol) I need to buy one.

    Also, a cheaper option of concealer is Elianto cream concealer. It appeared in Malaysian Women’s Weekly (Sept ’16) to be the best concealer below RM100. Sooo thinking of trying that one too. 😊

    • Sarah says:

      Nawallll <3 Well, atleast your skin is younger than the rest of us our age! :/ Yes, if you are combat-ing pimples, then you should specifically get the green corrector, but for those who do not know which colour concealer to get or who wants value for money and only intend to invest on ONE concealer which works on all skin concerns (eye bag, pimple, etc), we suggest the orange concealer, AFTER you have primed your face with the STILA ALL IN ONE (refer our prep + prime post), which has all the basic colours of your skin concerns.

      Oh, Elianto, heard a lot of rave about it, we should look into it too, thanks for the info and do let us know how you find their products! <3

  2. Nawal says:

    Yessss the Stila all in one you’ve mentioned is in my list already 😁 It wasn’t raved about when it came out so didn’t really want to purchase it. Let’s just say you’ve convinced me to buy. Hehe.

    There’s no Elianto here where I live so have to wait when I’m back in KL. Maybe then we can go makeup shopping?😁

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