The thing about Make Up is, we want our Make Ups to slay, but we don’t understand the basic fundamentals and proper use and function of the Make Up products. The things most of us refuse to understand is that, like many things in life, everything has it’s process and sequence. For example (yes, I love using cliche words like for example), to put on clothing, you’d wear your undies first and then your clothes, then your coat or outer clothing. Unless you’re Superman and Batman of course, but that’s a superhero story for another blog post.

To slay your Make Up game, you gotta get your basics right, because just like fashion, once you understand how to use it, you will be able to custom and enhance it to your characteristics which will bring out your good features, which is unlike any one else’s because there is only one of you. Believe me, when you get to do your own make up, provided you understand the basics and fundamentals, you’d want no one else to do it for you 🙂


This is the first and key step before any Make Up is put on your face. Prep is as simple as: Wash, Tone and Moisturize 🙂

According to Aresha, you should at least moisturize three times a day, especially if you are 25 years old and above. This is because we loose a lot of water from our body, especially in our hot and humid climate, hence it is not only essential to drink plenty of plain water, but we should also help our skin replenish the H20 in our body by moisturizing it from an outer surface.

The three-step-Prep is important, because it prepares and protects your skins from the cosmetics you use. Without the Prepping, chemicals from the beauty product (such as colourings, preservatives) go straight on your skin, which in due time will cause early signs of ageing and other allergic reactions, if not cautious.


Most of us skip this one out as we humans like to take the short cut 😛 But the correct sequence to layering your make up is to Prime after your Prep.

Prime will help your Make Up stay in tact and will allow you to achieve a polished look. Aresha says she gets questioned most of the times on whether the secret to long lasting Make Up is to use high end products (see, humans and their short cut). Truth is, it’s the Prep and Prime process, and the products used actually comes second. It’s always the long road and more effort that produces the best results.

Primers come in Silicone based and Water based. If you have oily skin, the Silicone based is best for you. Trick to find a good Primer is to ensure you purchase one that helps hydrate your skin. We’ve cut short your quest *short cut alert* to find a Primer that is not only healthy for the skin, but helps with other aspects too; obviously we asked Aresha to share with us her go-to Primers:

  1. Stila One Step Corrector; which not only Prime the skin, but corrects any uneven colours/marks on your skin too
  2. Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying Primer; for days with a lot of under the sun activities (outdoor) and like most Laura Mercier products, this is Paraben and Fragrance Free 🙂

The Prep and Prime step is essential to ensure your Make Up application is smooth on a perfect canvas-like surface on your skin. Not only that, this trains you to instill a good face regime habit that will help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

As Jaclyn Hill puts it, if you don’t have a good base, you don’t have a good face.

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