Recently my cousin got married, and I have not been to a wedding for a very long time due to weekends always being occupied with tonnes of routines and chores. Plus at times, wedding invitations are out of the city and too far from where I live, hence I don’t make it to weddings most of the time. But because this is a family wedding, then it’s almost compulsory to go, hence took the opportunity to do some mix and match experiment, something I’ve missed doing for so long!

Behold, the three day back to back looks, with the third day missing an OOTD because we were basically rushing to have to go to another appointment in the evening then head back to KL that same night.


Henna Night

It was Maia’s first time putting on Henna on her fingers, and for me, it was first time trying a pattern that wasn’t floral. I think I prefer floral Henna patterns still, but I thought this was a good try.




Day 1; Solemnization

I think this was one my fave colour combos with Henna. Henna is such a natural product hence I guess earthy tones compliments it very well.

WIWT Day #1: 

Kardashian Koutoure Gold clutch, Songket Duck Brown Headscarf, Aere’s Zephyr Reversible Draped Dress in Peach, Lovisa Gold Rings

I also did my cousins’ (not the one getting married) make up on that day. An on site impromptu make up artist I was. Because I wasn’t prepared for it, so half of my make up kits I didn’t bring along, but since it was a light make up look, thank GODDD, we made it work -.-”








Day 2; Bride’s Reception

I wore my solemnization dress. I HEART it to bits. Custom made it at Fuzana Mokhtaza in 2013 when she was still operating her business at her studio apartment. We brainstormed a detachable peplum skirt with the dress because it was actually my first time wearing a peplum in my entire existence, hence I was SO worried I wasn’t gonna wear much of peplum after my wedding. Turns out, during my first pregnancy in 2013, peplum was my best friend, and 2016 was a peplum year for me where all my Eid clothes were peplum oriented. I also thought Henna goes well with lace. So demure. LAVVVVV IT! And guess what, since my solmenization, I’ve worn it more than a couple of times this piece. Like I always say, and will say over and over again, designer pieces, really are timeless.

WIWT Day #2:

Sofina 3 Clutch in Dusty Pink, Tudung Sister’s Light Pink Half Moon Shawl, Fuzana Mokhtaza Custom Bridal Dress with Detachable Asymmetrical Peplum, Nine West Platform Pumps in Nude and Nails Inc H2GO Wash Off Polish in Belgravia Lane 




Day 3; Groom’s Reception

By Day #3, we were all just so beat and worn out. Had to pack to go back to our house and rush for another appointment that evening too, hence didn’t have much time to assemble my outfit. I went for a Pearl + Henna combo. Turquoise was a bit of a risky colour with the combo, but oh well, that’s what I love about mix and match. You’ll always get combinations that aren’t in the books, but can be pulled off anyways.

WIWT Day #3:

Melinda Looi Lace Baju Kurung with Peter Pan Collar in Turquoise with detachable sequinned belt, Fresh water pearl bracelet, GUESS Footwear Mipola 3 in Silver LL


hejsarah_weddingstyle_13The best look of the outfit for Day 3. Spot me, lookin like Little Bo Beep who lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find it. Maia Medina was on the loose and couldn’t be located :/

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