This recent Thursday I went to a private event with one of my best gals, Ida. Held at Pavilion Shopping Mall, which at non-traffic hours would take only 15 minutes from where I live and work, but at after hours and rush hour, took me 40 minutes >,< Thank God the tentative time for the event to start was 730pm. Reasonable enough.

The last time I came to Pavilion was of course, to the dUck store for the dUckxbower collection. I am thrilled that this was an event in collaboration with dUck too, hence, of course I had to don one of their scarves for the event. Guess which collection this one is *wink*

Their recent launch was the KL dUck in an assortment of tantalizing hues, which, I didn’t manage to get, (yet) ;/ However, a third of the guests at the event donned the colourful hues of KL dUck, how lucky of them! They are insanely gorgeous! Being an architect, you bet a scarf that has buildings on it is extremely intriguing, I need ’em! (OK I already have the black KL dUck but, more scarves with buildings in an array of hues, oh yes please).

Reality check back to our event, Min Luna is a Fashion Stylist and some of her works and brainchild can be seen on Neelofa’s outfits and looks, which is #livingproof how amazingly gifted she is with her fashion sense.

Now that me and you are no Neelofa, and both of us could use some style advice from Min Luna, good thing you’re here! I’m about to share with you some of Min Luna’s tips and tricks on how to rock jewelries with your look 🙂



Layer yellow gold jewelries with other golds; white gold, rose gold to soften the brightness of the yellow or if you wish for it to not stand out



Never, I repeat, never wear them on both sides of the hands. I know Wonder Woman wears her cuffs both hands, and I know there is a Wonder Woman in all of us, but on a daily basis, we are mere mortals, and two cuffs ain’t coolio liddat.



This is my favourite one, and I have two tips from Min Luna to share with you, asides stacking rings on top of each other:

1) Stack them side by side

2) Buy the same design in 3 different colours and rock em on top of each other or side by side



And not Pearl as in Mr.Krabs of Sponge Bob’s whale daughter >,< Pair em up with diamondssss. Da bomb combo!



Also a current trend. How to rock them: usually one piece is enough, but if you want to wear more because you are in love with geometrics, here’s how: by Min Luna’s rule (and actually common sense), never over do them because they are quite prominent and bold, hence two pieces are maximum where one should be a geometric ring.

The combo then is: geo ring x geo necklace, or geo ring x geo earring. The end.



No new rings? Make the most of your wedding rock and band by wearing them on your pointy finger instead of the ring finger



I know chokers are currently trending, and I remember when they were in style when I was 12 years old back in 1998. YOU BET I WAS PART OF THE TREND BACK THEN. But back in the day, they were cheap and now its hella expensivoooo (personally, I think it’s ONLY because the Kardashians wear them too, but hello, everyone wore them in 1998)

Side note: If you didn’t exist in 1998, FYI, the Kardashians didn’t invent the choker and chokers were famous even BEFORE the Kardashians. Just a disclaimer, no hatred, and yes, I watch KUWTK)

So, back to necklace stacking, layer four only, maximum, full stop. Choker length, loose choker, midi and a the one that’s a little longer



How to make the most out of short necklaces that are BEAUTIFUULLLLL, but too short to emerge after you scarf? Dis-attach the locks, pin safety pins on both sides of the locks, pin em both on your clothes whilst adjusting to the length you want. Brilliant or what??



Still on necklaces, and you’re gonna be the most up-to-date fashionista when you know what’s coming next. Stack pendant necklaces, especially those vintage pendants necklaces *major love*



Cold tone, warm tone, are a myth and it should be busted. You can wear whatever tone of jewelry and style you want, and to rock it, just wear it confidently.


So even if you didn’t get to go, you bet you can also rock your jewelries like a rockstar. Count on me to bring you #stylinglessons all dayyy errdayyy. Being an architect and a designer at heart, I really would want the world to be a beautiful place, and for the world to be beautiful, it starts with a stylish individual, which will then grow into a community. Being stylish, isn’t a bad thing, and slaying your style is necessary, but you have to understand to do so with your own unique taste and characteristics and not just drown in the current trend. Current trends are inspirations and additions to your wardrobe, and should you wish to take it, you need to custom-style it to your characteristics. That’s how it should be done ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls.

A beautiful world starts with you 😉

More fashion, styling and other things beautiful later! Do leave me a comment so I know you enjoy my babbles and let me know if I helped you in any way because I’d like to know! 😀

Enjoy some photos from the event:






Signing out,


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