Pool Dayzzz

We bought one of those inflatable swimming pool at Toys R Us when Maia was 6-8 months or so, because I was intending to get a playpen for Maia as she was already starting to stand on her own two feet and I worry about her falling down and being on a clean ground as she was on her fours (crawling) most of the time. However space was tight for our room at my mum’s place and in the living area, a playpen would not be cool for my dad, who seems to not want anything “baby” apparent in his house. Maia’s toys were already taking up a portion of the family area, and that was the maximum my dad could tolerate. So I was googling and surveying playpen ideas when I stumbled upon an image or post (I can’t recall) about using an inflatable swimming pool (the ones you fill up with air and flatten it keep away once done) to let your baby play inside and a place where she could crawl, roll over and lie on her back without having to worry about the cleanliness of the floor too much AND how cool it is to be able to flatten it and hide it away when you’re done for the day.

Therefore without much thought, we headed to Toys R US in Midvalley (our second home, haha) and bought it for around RM60, and here’s the catch, we were in dilemma of purchasing the pump, which we had two options to choose from; 1) the electrical 2) the manual. The electrical is prolly around double or a costs a little bit more than the manual, so we obviously chose the cheaper one. HOWEVER, let me tell ya, the manual is insane to pump. I mean, not insane, but I extremely underestimated the labour it takes to pump it manually, and to prove how much hard work it is, let me tell you a secret; I have never pumped the pool myself ever since we purchased it. It was either the hubs or my brother. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in my pump situation, I would strongly advise you to CHOOSE THE ELECTRICAL PUMP. You won’t be using it for a million things, but there are quite a number of things you could use it for, and believe me, once you have it, you will have things that needs the electrical pump.


Behold, the manual pump

We have introduced swimming sessions to Maia ever since she was six months because we really want to expose her to everything that was appropriate at the earliest stage possible so she can absorb everything and get a head start (maybe, hehe). Her first time was at my uncle’s house in Bangi and although we had gotten the inflatable pool afterwards, we still frequent my uncle’s house as that is a pool and the hubs can dip in with Maia. The first few times swimming, Maia didn’t have a clue what she was doing, but since she turned 1 year old, she had gotten excited about it a lot more. Now that she’s almost two, like most tots her age now who are more aware of their surrounding and anticipates exciting situations (which is just EVERYTHING she can touch and see ), excited about swimming is an understatement. She gets ECSTATIC about it. Whilst she enjoys it, why not just let her have her kinda fun, ey? They grow up too fast anyways.



Maia’s first swim when she was six months old at Bangi


A year later, she was surfing already 😀


Today’s sesh with the duckies (start getting them dUck-ed early too :D)

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