A MUST READ! Not because this is the first time ever I got  won a ticket to join a movie premiere, neither because it was my first time EVER meeting Vivy Yusof; well it partly has to do with that.. but bear with me..

This is a must read because, if  you are like me, and you have never been interested or don’t pounce at the chance of snapping a photo with a celebrity/someone you’re a fan of, this post will save you from snapping pictures that will turn out unflattering -which was totally what happened yesterday because I was not mentally prepared to meet Vivy Yusof!

Now, I may or may not sound like a psychopath, but YES, you have to be mentally prepared with your poses to be ready for this moment when it arrives, even though you think there is no being on the planet that interests you..

OK before that let’s head on to see the pictures first then we’ll get learn how to perfect your (and my) pose!


Ladies at the reception desk of JoyxFashionValet screening


They let us keep the ticket! Definitely a momento!


Me and my plus one for the night!


I was just too darn excited to notice my ticket was upside down. Every little details counts!


My right side is my bad side. Or I should just learn how to work the right angle of me…


Behold, the three is a crowd picture. Plus I know I nailed the squinch with the eyes thingy, but the pursed smile didn’t go well with it :// Ida has her best side on show, and Vivy, is just flippin gorgeous! <3


As you can see, I probably did everything wrong on this outing just coz I was extremely nervous to be part of it and to meet Vivy Yusof! Who is so so cute and petite, I really can’t believe she is a mother of two, and such a picture perfect hijabista! No wonder a lot of people wants to be like her and she is so humble and inspiring! I really want to meet her again <3 #starstruck #mommycrush #mommygoals with the fashion empire she and her husband owns 😮


How to perfect your pose for the day you meet a celebrity/someone you are a fan of and not look like a psychopath:


1) Practice your smize, squinch, teeg and pruning

Although these usually apply for selfies, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for close ups. Practise your smize, squinch, teeg and pruning face and incorporate which is best for your features or which amplifies your photogenic side

Smize: Coined by super model Tyra Banks, is a term for “smile with your eyes”. If you need a step by step guide, this wikihow is quite helpful. If all fails, here’s Tyra Banks for ya:

Squinch: Lifting and tightening the lower eyelid at the same time only allowing the top eyelid to come down slightly. Team this up with a smile, or half smile or don’t smile. Experiment to know what works for you. As for me (see picture of three is a crowd above) this doesn’t compliment me, or perhaps I haven’t found the perfect type of smile to pair it with

Teeg: Claimed to be Lily Allen’s favourite pose, this requires you to show your front teeth slightly with the tip of your tongue pressed lightly behind them and you could also show the tongue a tiny bit. Not too much, if not you’d look like one psychopath with a numb tongue that you have no control of :/

Pruning: Pouting slightly as if you were saying “PRUNE” instead of “CHEESE” to the camera. Made famous by the Olsen sisters, this one is either a YAY or a NAY for you. Watching Vivy Yusof at the JOY premiere, I noticed she poses like this sometimes when front facing the camera, and she nails it everytime of course. I do think that comes with practice too, do try it out to see if this works for you!

2) If all fails, try candid or LOL-ing!

The fifth pose to try is actually LOL-ing, but since it could be combined with a candid pose, might as well I split it from the smize, squinch, teeg and prune post. LOL-ing is the thing we are all good at; try to ROFL, giggle, chuckle then STOP and pose for the camera! You could try adding some actions too for a candid pose which includes face and body! OK I’m not sure if the words make sense, but I’m sure everyone can nail this at their first attempt with no sweat!

3) Hold that thought to smile to your heart’s content

This is me. Smiling to my heart’s content, even without celebrities around. To NOT smile to my heart’s content is the toughest for me, but I do need to practice it more, to make my pictures look more photogenic! Being photogenic, either you’re born with it or learn poses/techniques that accentuate our good features to make it look kinda photogenic 😀 TIP: staring wide-eyed into the camera makes you look unphotogenic, unless you’re a supermodel who knows how to sell this look, which is not the case for us mere mortals.

4) Bring along/grab an accessory/prop

Usually my best accessories that makes my pictures look good are shades and my baby darling, Maia. However, for the JOY premiere, I was unable to bring Maia and it was at night and indoors in a shopping mall, therefore there was no reason to have shades in sight, even if it was put on top of my head for accessories purposes. Accessories/props automatically makes you feel relaxed for a photo shoot, or perhaps that’s just psychology. I have yet to figure an accessory for a night out, but I’ll be working on it…

5) Lighting issues

If you are taking a photo in broad daylight, or even glare-y mid day lighting, it is easier to snap a photo or find an angle, however, at night is a different story all together. More over indoors :/ The lighting indoors at the premiere were also really poor so that made matters worse for me in getting my best pictures too :/ There were a group of instagram famous bloggers present at the premiere too, and throughout the whole time everyone was trying to mingle with their plus ones (because most of us were strangers who won the tickets and knows no one besides our plus ones), the group of bloggers chatted amongst themselves but stayed in one spot, where the lighting was probably one of the best at the place. I’m not sure how their pictures turned out, but I bet it was better than most of ours. They obviously have nailed one of the tricks of the trade!

6) Know colours that you pull off well

Gray, red, purple and black are my no-brainer colours, my go-to colours and looks well on me without me having to put much effort. HOWEVER, I learnt last night that, red doesn’t compliment me too well on me at night or in bad lighting. Therefore my next mission would be to try find a colour that rocks my night, which I suggest you try to find out too! It’ll be helpful to find out now so that when you have a night outing, you don’t spend hours in trying colours and stress yourself out unnecessarily before an important outing.

7) Three is a crowd

Whenever you go to a concert/an event, you’re probably going with a friend or a group of friends. If you’re going with a group of friends, then you should proceed with the next point, however, if you usually just go everywhere with a best friend, then this is for you; THREE IS A CROWD. See the only picture of three of us above, where the overall picture looks awkward because, 1) the celebrity/person you are a fan is unsure of where/whom to turn her body to, 2) the person whom doesn’t get turned to (me) will then pose awkwardly as if she is third wheeling or doesn’t fit in the picture.

Lesson learnt: Use the chance of having a friend along to snap a picture of just the two of you (or you with the bunch of celebrities, where if it’s a bunch and you’re the only one there, you will be saved from grace because you will get to be in the middle), so that everyone will feel comfortable and will look good. Then swap with your friend and take her picture pulak. Cemtu lah 😀

8) Group photo 101’s

Group photos can be awkward when you are not sure where/how to position yourself in the group. On a better note, it is more fun and a more valuable picture when a lot more participate in the picture. Here are a few group photos 101:

i) If you’re at the edge of the group, angle your hips towards the group and turn your body and shoulders to the camera (like Chrissy Tegan on the far right)

How to pose like a celebrity

Photo from

ii) The bigger objects (bigger people) should stand/sit in the middle to balance the picture and help them look smaller

iii) Try to get the heads uneven; nothing worse than looking like steps in a picture :/

iv) Get close together, not too tight, but a group photo looks better without too much space between one person and the other

9) Use a camera, not a camera phone

I think the hardest part of getting a good shot that night was because it was at night. Most of us don’t even bother snapping pictures at night because we know it makes us look unflaterring. If you’re going to an event like I was where you are expecting a celebrity/person you are a fan of to attend, and you know for SURE it was being held night time, then it is most wise to bring along a camera because they snap way nicer pictures than your camera phones. If you happen to bump into the celebrity/person you are a fan of and you are unequipped with a camera, then there’s nothing you can do much about it, but just snap along with your camera phones, BUT incorporate all the above tips to ensure the pictures snapped will be worthy of sharing (with your portrait looking fabulous too) and keeping forever!

10) To HDR or not HDR

If you have to use your camera phone, the iPhone has a HDR mode where I use it more often than not, however, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine for all situatuions. It’s good to know that HDR increases grain, brings out texture, produces unnatural colors, and fills in all shadows. However, they do help bring out the background. Experiment with HDR shots to know the characteristics of a HDR photo, and compare it to a RAW photo and a HDR (HDR mode automatically saves a RAW photo and a HDR in your gallery. To change this got to settings) to see which is better for the photo.

Hope that’s a lesson for all of us in this digital era! I’m definitely not a pro, but I hope these will help you and me perfect our poses (especially when I get to meet Vivy again)! <3


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