My gray Sofina

My Sofina bag basically goes with everything because I got the gray one and gray, ladies and gentleman is one of my no brainer colours and it matches with almost EVERYTHING I own. Or at least it matches with almost everything in my eyes @.@

A bag doesn’t have to match all the outfits you wear, but for me, it’s important it compliments my outfit colours on most days, and then there are some days where the bag is the star of the outfit.

These are my favourite looks with my Sofina bag:


Blue, gray, black combo


You can never go wrong with a monochrome <3


Gray and black


Pastels and gray 😀

There are basically no rules in wearing a bag, but there are a few basic guides to wearing it. Firstly, it can be worn in many ways, and did you know that how you wear your bag is more than meet the eyes, as it shows your personality?

What your bag style says about you:

1) Worn over the shoulders with the bag swinging freely

Indicates a priority of freedom, functionality and ease. Too many things to do, too little time is what is on your mind and because of that, the bag tends to be unzipped/open half of the time, and in some cases, the contents tend to fall out too


My bags are usually in this position when I am in my mom uniform 😀


2) Worn over the shoulders with the bag held close to the body/in contact with wearer

You’re practical and prioritize freedom in movement over importance of displaying the bag. You are basically trying to get things done quickly. Kind of (in the picture)


Gambar sekadar hiasan


3) Worn across the body with the bag in front

A form of self defense, armament and at the same time displaying bag first before you as a form of cautious personality, shy or reticent. It’s also a suggestion of defensive personality and filtering the type of people who approach you


4) Worn across the body with the bag at the back

A definite go getter with eyes set on the prize. Portrays independant self image, confident of the sidekick (bag) and getting things done and slaying it. And looking gorgeous while at it



5) Worn in crook of elbow

Indicates a priority on status and position. (Side note: Though I though that way too for a long time, until I actually tried it by accident because I was carrying my baby and my bag slid to my elbow and realized how it helped lighten the burden of the bag on my shoulders! So I do this every time I am carrying my baby)


6) Held in the hand

You find your job very important or on an important task, therefore carrying it like a briefcase makes you feel you are carrying something of such importance. Or it could also be because your bag is too heavy OR you had to change the position of your bag because you had to fidget with your baby who moves like 10 moves a second


7) Clutch style

You are a multitasker and hates anything that obstructs your movement and things that occupy your hand. You have too many things to do and you want to do it ALL! And obviously it’s because you have more important things to do with your hands (Refer picture)


8) IDGAF Style

You don’t care how others perceive you and you are confident with your style. A style that happens subconsciously without you having to think of it because you need to get stuff done, but fashionably. As shown in this picture, a combination of sling across body and crook over the elbows. It’s a unique style customized to you and your unique fashion confidence


Its “I Don’t Give An F Style”, if you wasn’t sure what that IDGAF was. You’re welcome 😛


9) Necklace style

You have a lot of doubts, to yourself and others. Therefore you need to see the bag and you want to ensure no one is touching or doing anything to it and it’s contents. That is why we often wear this style when travelling to foreign countries or in a pool of people you aren’t comfortable with 😀


10) Going bag-less

It’s either you are a moghul and have lots of people (or a loving husband :D) carrying your bag for you, or you have to make sure your hands are free to carry a prized posession 😀 Whatever you have in your hands or whatever you have to do with your hands, it is very important and you trust a lot of people round you. Good on ya!


MM and her moves, ah picture perfection -.-“


Secondly, out of all the ways to wear a bag, two things to take note before deciding which style to go with:
1) The length of the “strap” of the bag tends to dictate how the bag should be worn; ie; over shoulders/held in hand/crook of elbow style
2) Whatever style you choose from the 10 styles above, check the proportions of bag (to your figure) and whether the bag is the star of the outfit or a complimenting item

Third, wear your bag or go bag-less with confidence! Whatever style or look you choose to go with, remember to wear it with confidence and you’ll always look great! 🙂

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