The first movie at the cinemas with my husband for 2016! We’re going to be 29 this year, and I gotta say, I’ve never actually thought about being 29, because we the anticipated ages and milestones we look forward too is always the 16, 21, 30 and 40. But that’s not what I’m trying to raise actually, my point is actually type of movies the hubs and I opt for these days are more to educational, mind blowing/challenging and action (that’s always on our list), hence The Big Short!


THE BIG SHORT; I’m not sure why it’s 18+, perhaps because of the level of economic info used in the movie

On our first 2016 movie date, I decided to wear the Limited Edition Blooming duck in Yellow that I had just received in the mail yesterday. I must say I was one of the lucky ones to get to purchase it on it’s first day release online. Because I’m a mom (or maybe just cause I choose so), I rarely stay up late or wake up in the wee hours to wait for a release of anything. The LE Blooming duck’s first release was at 5am, according to the comments I read on dUckscarves instagram. I managed to grab the one that was released in stages a little later in the morning. But it happened real fast, I didn’t have time to blink even! I saw the yellow one, placed in cart, checkout, paid, and DONE! Alhamdulillah rezeki.

My blooming duck

My blooming duck


My shades of yellow dUck

I’m not sure if yellow is going to be my 2016 colour, but what I’m sure is that this 2016, I’m gonna be wearing colours I’ve never worn much before


Upclose and personal


Side profile for ya


With the famous Sofina clutch in yellow


My current faveeeee, so soft and yummy. The bite size ones with dark choc are also the bomb, especially if you are a chocolate lover!

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