That isn’t one of my most beautiful faces to be shown publicly, but with this was the shot that finally made it to the wall of fame! I won a contest on FashionValet, alhamdulillah, rezeki.

FashionValet Pink October Contest

After joining FashionValet’s (FV) contests on instagram (which started with dUckscarves flatlay), I have been entering it non-stop! It was quite hard to start off with as you’re constantly worried if your friends on instagram will judge you negatively, but then I guess what made me do it was, it was, firstly, it was my instagram, and secondly if what I post won’t do harm to anyone and doesn’t go against my beliefs, then why not give it a go. After all, life is too short to worry about what other people think, hence just take the chance!

Without further trying to sound like a motivator, let’s take a sneak peak at what I bought from FashionValet with the RM250 credit voucher that I won:

Lest we my sister and I wasted no time and OOTD-ed

Blue charms


FashionValet OOTD by HejSarah

In one of my mom uniforms, with my super stylish baby MM


Hoping to enter more and win more after this, insya Allah. Do try to give this, or any other contests a go if you have been thinking about it. If you don’t try you’ll never know!

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